How We Help Contracting Businesses

We work WITH you and FOR you. We provide one-on-one private and group contractor consulting & coaching services that arm your business with the right tools to help it grow.

At Pinnacle Contractor Group, we help contractors earn more profit in 2 ways:

  1. Contractor Consulting Services
  2. Contractor Coaching Services 

Contractor Consulting vs Contractor Coaching

The difference between a contractor consultant and contractor coach: a consultant checks the health of your business. They’ll run  some diagnostic tests and ask you a few business-related questions about your contracting business. Following the test results, your company may get a clean bill of health. However, there may be areas that could use some help.

More to the point, a consultant helps you to improve internal systems and operations and identify priorities within your organization. A consultant will typically meet with you to determine your goals. Upon analyzing your contracting business, the consultant recommends strategies and efficiencies that will significantly improve your daily operations and help you to reach those goals.

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“If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail.”
Benjamin Franklin 

A contractor coach picks up where a consultant leaves off. In other words, now that you have a plan for success, it’s time to take action. A coach helps you manage your plan of action and focus on the big picture (working ON your business, not IN it) and stay on track. A coach ensures that you are accountable to your plan and motivates you to achieve the best results.

Accountability is the most significant difference between consulting and coaching.

A coach holds a client entirely accountable for the actions that need to be taken. A consultant usually delivers a report that details what needs to be done but does not hold you responsible for accomplishing those tasks.

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Today, more contractors work with business consultants and business coaches than ever before.

In some cases, one company can offer both options.

Both services can help you work ON your business rather than work IN your business.

Pinnacle Contractor Group provides both services for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and General Contractor businesses in Canada and the United States. 

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