Contractor Hiring & Training Services

Do you dream of hiring a team of self-starting employees you can trust? Of working side-by-side with top-producing men and women who run your contracting business just like you would?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave the job site for the day and know that all is in good hands? Are your employees not making any of this possible, though?

Signs that you’re frustrated with the hiring and training process

  • Do you struggle to find top-producing front line and field staff?
  • Do you hire people that either quit or have to be dehired?
  • Are you annoyed by hiring people who aren’t “as advertised?”
  • Are you leery of bringing on any new team members because of bad past experiences?

We can find the right hires for your contracting firm

Finding skilled employees with the right work ethic and attitude is a job unto itself. Hiring talented front line (call takers, managers & sales people) and field staff (technicians) is a major pain point for most residential and commercial contracting businesses. 

Let Pinnacle Contractor Group do the heavy lifting for you. We specialize in recruiting technicians for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical companies.

HVAC hiring services for commercial & residential:

  • HVAC Service Technicians
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics
  • Air conditioning system operators

Plumbing hiring services for commercial & residential:

  • plumbers
  • journeyman/woman
  • apprentice plumbers
  • maintenance and repair plumbers

Electrical hiring services for commercial & residential:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Electrical technicians
  • Electrical mechanics

We boost your bottom line and save you downtime by taking care of the many tasks that lead to hiring and training your dream team. When it comes to hiring employees we take care of:

  • Interviews
  • Reference and background checks/security clearances
  • Training for customer service & sales staff
  • Training for product/service knowledge
  • Training field employees

Is your company ready for Performance-Based Compensation?

Many of today’s contracting companies find that the Pay For Performance model pays off—big time. The process of offering bonuses for work that goes above and beyond is a good match for some people.

Pinnacle Contractor Group can help you pinpoint employees that thrive in this environment. They have the potential of becoming your top-performers. And just may be holding the keys to the castle when it comes to propelling your company to the next level.

Discover how we can help you find, hire and train the best employees for your contracting business. Call 888-307-1114 today for a FREE Consultation.

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